How does it feel to be hypnotized?
Deeply relaxed and focused. Like being “absorbed” or “lost” in a captivating movie. Or drifting off on a sunbed on a beach! Your subconscious mind needs to hear what the therapist says, so you are NOT asleep and you are fully aware of what goes on. All clients report that being in the hypnotic state is a very relaxing, calming and wonderful experience.

Is hypnosis dangerous?
There is no evidence that being in a Hypnotic state is in any way dangerous. On the contrary, Hypnosis used for therapy is non-invasive, 100% consensual and a highly pleasant experience. All professional Hypnotherapists will confer with your Doctor if there are medical conditions, which in any way will stand in the way of achieving the desired outcome of the Hypnotherapy.
And no, you cannot get “stuck” in the Hypnotic state. You allow yourself to enter the hypnotic state and you can get yourself out of it at any time. But why would you? It is SO relaxing and SO calming!

Can the Hypnotist make me lose control of myself?
The purpose of Hypnosis used for therapy is to enable people do something they WANT to do, not to make them do something they do NOT want to do! People come to re-gain control of their lives, not to lose control!!! Hypnotherapy is aimed at enabling people to regain control!

Is there any scientific proof that hypnosis works?
There is an increasing body of well researched, scientific studies which proves that hypnosis has a measurable, temporary reaction in your brain. Using modern MRI-scanning techniques, scientists are now able to see more specifically what goes on and where. These results strongly support the basic idea that in hypnosis, the subconscious mind is open to suggestions necessary to change the “programs” you are running in that part of your brain.

How come Hypnotherapy is so much more effective that traditional talk-therapy?
In many cases Hypnotherapy will be more effective, because Hypnotherapy is about “speaking to the elephant”, which is in control. Most other therapy-forms are based on the idea that you can facilitate permanent behavioral change by speaking to the rider (the conscious mind). As you now know, the rider is NOT in control.

Can I hypnotize myself?
Absolutely you can. In essence, all forms of Hypnosis are “guided self-hypnosis”. You allow yourself to enter a Hypnotic state and the more you exercise this, the better you become at it. Self-hypnosis is something I can teach you and it is a great supplement to the therapy going on in the sessions with me.