Why is Hypnotherapy So Effective?

“Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to enhance goal achievement, to enhance motivation or change, to enhance personal or spiritual growth and to release clients of problems and the causes of problems”  (Roy Hunter)

The common denominator and cause for all behavioral issues is LOCKED IDEAS! LOCKED IDEAS are only known to your SUBCONSCIOUS mind – the Elephant.

Locked ideas are formed in childhood or as a result of trauma. Simple examples of a locked idea are:

The main reason why most “life changing programs” have little or no effect is that they do not go to the root of the problem, the locked idea. Behavioral changes do not happen by mustering up will-power or taking part in traditional talk therapy. Our behavior is controlled by our SUBCONSCIOUS mind – the Elephant. To use willpower, to read self-help books, or to undergo talk-therapy are processes, which take place in the CONSCIOUS mind – the Rider, who does not own the problem.

Only by accessing the SUBCONSCIOUS, will locked ideas reveal themselves and be open to change. To only way to access the SUBCONSCIOUS mind and to change a locked idea, is by using HYPNOSIS.

In other words: We need to talk to your ELEPHANT!