Therapy means “learning”!

There is nothing wrong with you if you have a locked idea which causes you to behave in a certain way or to have unwanted thoughts. Your mind just needs to learn that you can have other ideas and other responses than those you are familiar with.

In our simple example, encountering a dog does not HAVE to invoke a fear response. You can feel loving, cuddly and soft inside when you meet man’s best friend. If the emotional response in your locked idea is FEAR, your mind simply needs to just “de-learn” this response and open up to the belief, that another response is possible.

Unlocked padlock

When this happens, your mind has a break-through and the locked idea unlocks!

Just as a locked idea can be created in a fraction of a second, the unlocking can happen very quickly. Once your mind “gets it”, the unlocking process can happen in an instant.

In neurological speak, the locked idea is a “trodden path”, an established neurological pathway which the Elephant is familiar with and takes every time it encounters a familiar situation.  Creating a new neurological pathway takes a little time. The Elephant needs to get used to taking a new path through the jungle and at first, the new path needs to be carved into the jungle.

Hence, change takes a little time and getting used to. And using HYPNOSIS, this period can be shortened considerably and any uncomfortable feelings we have when we go down an unfamiliar path and experience change are avoided.