There are many misconceptions and skepticisms associated with the phenomenon of Hypnosis. Quite understandably, since Hypnosis is mostly known from entertainment and horror-movies.

The hypnotic state has been known for centuries and in fact was instrumental during the birth of the science of Psychology in the 17th century, because it was the hypnotic state, which pointed the first Psychologists in the direction of the 2 minds;The Conscious and the Subconscious – the Rider and the Elephant!

elephant and rider
the Rider and the Elephant

The Hypnotic state is a very natural state for us humans and we are all in a light hypnotic state several times during the day. In fact we prefer to be in this state, where we do not have to really think too hard about problems or things we have to do tomorrow. The Rider wants to relax and leave as much as possible to the Elephant!

The Hypnotic state is a combination of our ability while being awake to focus and lock the outside world out and our ability while sleeping to not “think” (ie analyze) about what goes on. The latter is what we experience while we sleep and the mind and body can rest. Hypnosis is named after the Greek god for sleep, Hypnos because being in a hypnotic state feels as if you are relaxing in the same way as when you are sleeping.

It is a very pleasant state and a good example is when you watch television. You are focused on what happens on the screen, yet very relaxed and you are not paying close attention to what else is going on around you. And for most of the content, you do not have to think too much, hence you relax.

Daydreaming, reading a good book, letting your mind drift as you drive are other, common examples of being in a light hypnotic state.

Your conscious mind, the Rider is designed to do the “real thinking and analytical problem solving” and therefore, we want the Rider to get out of the way – or step off the Elephant for a break to be able to access your subconscious, the Elephant.

During a Hypnotherapy session, you will allow this state to develop as I talk to your subconscious mind, getting you to relax and feeling calm, yet focused on the process.  

Your job is just to relax, listen and follow some simple instructions. Your Rider will step off the Elephant and we can now talk to your Elephant and change the locked ideas. This need only take a few moments and you will be surprised of what your own mind is capable of and how you already hold all the resources necessary to break a locked idea and to reach your goals.